The future of quantum computers – an interview with Professor Konrad Banaszek

In the latest episode of the #GeneralTalks podcast, we delve into the fascinating and incredibly broad topic of quantum computers. Joining Liliana Kotval from the Kosciuszko Institute is Professor Konrad Banaszek – a renowned physicist and director of the Center of Quantum Optical Technologies at the University of Warsaw. 

The expert introduces us to the world of quantum computers, explaining the differences between them and conventional ones, presenting the development prospects of this technology, and highlighting the fields in which quantum computers can prove to be revolutionary solutions (such as medicine, climate change, or waste reduction). 

Additionally, Professor Banaszek emphasizes the importance of data security in the context of the introduction of quantum computers to the market. He shares practical tips for institutions and individuals on protecting data from potential threats associated with the increasing decryption capabilities that these new tools may provide. 

Listen to learn more about quantum computing HERE.