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Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing sectors of the ICT market. According to various reports, worldwide spending on cybersecurity products and services in 2017 reached more than $120 billion. In the last decade, the market was growing 8-10 percent annually, while predictions for 2017–2020 envisage its further steady growth, estimating cumulative cybersecurity spending at $1 trillion in this period – writes Robert Siudak, Chief Editor of European Cybersecurity Market in the latest issue of the journal. 

The particularity of this market rests in the fact that the aforementioned growth is driven not only by technological breakthroughs or process optimization, but also by the threats that are raising exponentially in the cyber domain. It is hard to estimate total losses from cybercrime for the public and private entities worldwide, but it is believed to be one to three percent of the global GDP. This clearly shows that our economy relies heavily on secure ICT infrastructure, with cybersecurity by design underpinning the materialization of the 4th industrial revolution.
To make it happen, we need to efficiently connect the different parts of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe in order to keep abreast with the fast-evolving world market. Innovative startups, corporates, SMEs, Venture Capital, R&D centres, academia as well as European and national authorities – all these players need to be incentivized to cooperate in order to create a competitive, Europe-wide cybersecurity market.

For this purpose, the latest edition of ECM provides an overview of different perspectives on ICT security and innovation. It gives a voice to academics who talk about different models of research commercialization, and provides an SME’s perspective on the most threating business habits in cyberspace. It also features articles by startups and experts on the strategic and technological layers of innovation.

I hope you will find this edition of ECM both interesting and stimulating. Stay cyber, stay secure!

Robert Siudak – Chief Editor of European Cybersecurity Market, CYBERSEC HUB Project Manager, Research Fellow of the Kosciuszko Institute, Poland

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