Akademia Młodego Project Managera is recruiting!

Akademia Młodego Project Managera (The Academy of a Young Designer) is an initiative created by two companies: ASTOR and Nowe Motywacje, which operate together in the Digital Innovation HUB. The project is aimed at university students of technical and economic related fields, as well as all students interested in project management.

How does the project work? 

  • Each edition consists of a series of on-line workshops, concluded with an invitation to the “My project” competition.  
  • In the competition, teams of 2 students prepare a description of the projects they have invented.  
  • The jury selects the best concepts and the authors of which are invited to the next stage of the competition, i.e. the Final Workshop  
  • Future trainees from ASTOR and partner companies are selected from among the participants.  
  • The winners receive additional prizes, such as participation in a certified PRINCE2 training funded by the Nowe Motywacje company. 
  • Participation in the project is completely free. 


What does Akademia Młodego Project Managera offer?  

  • Access to the practical knowledge of experts. 
  • Learning about the principles of business operation and the realities of project management. 
  • Broadening your horizons and skills. 
  • Unique experience and work in inter-university teams. 
  • A chance for an internship in a company that organizes or supports the project. 
  • The opportunity to win valuable prizes, such as the participation in a certified PRINCE2 training.


Every year, innovative companies are invited to the project and become partners of a specific edition. As part of such cooperation, partners can develop activities that will award the best participants of the project, to whom they can also offer internships. Moreover, partners can take part in the final workshops and have the chance to extend their network with talented and skilful students.  

We are happy to announce that the Kosciuszko Institute is one of this year’s partners of Akademia Młodego Project Managera. Therefore, we would like to invite you to participate in the project! Here is a great motivation to do so: we are already preparing a position in our office for one of the project’s winners! 

Detailed information is available at: www.astor.com.pl/akademia-mlodego-project-managera.html