The scope of substantive enquiry in this area refers to the secure functioning of individual people, communities, states, and international organisations in the digital domain. In our understanding, cybersecurity is not a purely technological, but mainly strategic challenge, inherently associated with the vital interests of modern states and bodies that comprise them. Cyberspace affects all aspects of socio-economic and political functioning, engendering a wide range of threats that have been unknown before. It revolutionises public policy execution, economic growth, security and defence activity, relationships between different stakeholders, privacy-related issues, and the foreign policy.

The aim of our research is to identify pivotal cybersecurity challenges and trends as well as to produce strategic recommendations for Poland and Europe. In their work, our fellows focus on examining the ever-changing digital reality and its impact on the functioning of individual entities. What underlies our activities is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary analysis that takes into account diverse standpoints of the representatives of both the public and the private sector. With our projects engaging world’s leading experts, we initiate undertakings that endorse collaboration among key cyberspace stakeholders. Promoting Polish enormous potential in this prospective area, we are guided by the belief that cyberspace has a significant role to play in ensuring national security. We are also convinced that through our projects we contribute to the building of the European cybersecurity system and strengthening Poland’s position in the international arena.