Cybersecurity of the Polish Industry. The Energy Sector

The aim of the Cybersecurity of Polish Industry. Energy Sector report is to analyse the most significant aspects of safeguarding cybersecurity in the energy sector, which is crucial to the effective provision of essential state functions. The chapters present both the challenges of the cybersecurity system and culture development as well as relevant best practices. The selection of authors who represent the energy, IT and insurance sector, and the wide perspective that covers legal-administrative, technological, organisational and economic factors, provides an extensive presentation of the problem at stake.

Building the cybersecurity culture of the energy sector has to be based on a holistic approach that includes technical, operational and strategic aspects. A cyberattack on critical infrastructure might bring catastrophic results on property, society’s health and lives, on the whole economy and even on the functioning of the state, including both the public administration and military potential. Cybersecurity challenges particularly affect industrial enterprises as, since they have to protect both their IT and OT infrastructures. The fact that 16% of cyberattacks targets the energy sector1, making it the second most targeted vertical with only the public administration exceeding it, highlights the distinctive role of cybersecurity within energy suppliers.

The following chapters of the report present the conclusions concerning the diverse aspects of energy sector cybersecurity. Underneath, please find the selection of basic recommendations that has been drawn from the report.

The whole raport to download: Cybersecurity of the Polish Industry. The Energy Sector