The scope of enquiry in this programme area pertains to security and defence in three dimensions: national, European, and global. The work of our fellows focuses on an in-depth analysis of the ongoing events and processes occurring in the Polish and international arena. It also examines Poland’s and other countries’ bilateral and multilateral relations as well as challenges posed by the globalisation process and long-term trends that have impact on security. We explore the current distribution of political forces in the international arena resulting in a growing potential of superpowers and states of the modern world in the second decade of the twenty-first century.

One of the primary facets of our programme activity in this area is making recommendations for strengthening Poland’s national security and setting priorities for defence policies that arise from Poland’s membership in NATO. Among many challenges for international security, the emphasis is placed on the precarious situation beyond Poland’s eastern border which simultaneously demarcates NATO’s borders. The hybrid conflict in Ukraine poses a significant problem given our immediate vicinity and the role it plays in forming a new geopolitical order. Our expert analyses in the “International Security” programme area also pertain to other ongoing military conflicts, such as the war in Syria, and the challenges posed by the immigration crisis and a heightened risk of terrorist attacks and their overall impact on global, regional, and national security.