The scope of research in the “Economy” programme area encompasses problems of economic development and public funding in Poland and the European Union alike. We focus our efforts on seeking solutions that increase competitiveness of our indigenous economy and foster innovative growth. We address the most important challenges posed by the digital economy of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They force us to thoroughly revise the traditional approach to processes taking place in the macroeconomic space of modern states. These challenges create new conditions for building comparative advantage and – with a skilful use of the inherent capabilities hidden in the individual sectors of the Polish economy – are conducive to designing ambitious advancement policies. In our work we pay particular attention to implications arising from the rapid advancement of modern technologies in FinTech and InsurTech, and therefore partner with startups which nowadays play a pivotal role in creating innovative solutions.

Furthermore, we analyse plausible scenarios for the development of the macroeconomic situation in Poland against the backdrop of the crisis-ridden eurozone or barriers to growth caused by the so-called “middle income trap”. In addition, our research concentrates on the financial and economic restructuring of the strategic sectors of the economy, tax system reform, local governments and their activities, and the removal of legal and institutional barriers for entrepreneurs and enterprises. Fellows at our think tank delineate strategic guidelines for action and legislative reform in areas that are key to the state. The substantive focus of our work is on issues directly related to Poland’s membership in the European Union as well as other regional organisations. We also analyse global economic processes, including the impacts of the financial and economic crisis.