Dominika Kaczorowska-Spychalska

Director of Mixer of Smart Technologies Centre at the Faculty of Management of the University of Łódź

PhD degree in management sciences. She is fascinated with the influence of digital technologies on human behavior as well as the range and character of interactions between a man and technology (Human-to-Machine, Machine-to-Human) including the problems of digital ethics. She was in a group of external experts of the Ministry of Digital Affairs engaged in works on preparing „The Assumptions for the AI strategy in Poland”.

She is fascinated with the technology perceived as an eco-system (including AI, IoT, 5G with a superior role of a man. She believes in the idea of omni-present intelligence that is a space for context data processing and extending cognitive skills of all market players, and at the same time she is aware of related new challenges and threats. She was awarded with the Bronze Medal for Long-standing Service by the President of Poland and by the Dean of the University of Łódź Faculty of Management for the activities promoting science. She actively supports and propagates issues of digital transformation and related technologies in business and social dimensions