Katarzyna Żukrowska

Professor and Habilitated Doctor, Head of the Department of International Security at the Warsaw School of Economics. Economist and political scientist. Author and co-author of 478 publications. Interests: economic transformation, European integration, Transatlantic relations, EU budget, Economic and Monetary Union.

Recent publications:

  1. Żukrowska, (ed.) Economic crisis 2008+ as a test for the policy applied. Methods of counteracting and their effectiveness, SGH, Warsaw 2013;
  2. Żukrowska (ed.) Harnessing globalization. Globalization as the motor of development, SGH, Warsaw 2010;
  3. Żukrowska (ed.), International security. An overview of the current status, IUSatTAX, Warsaw 2011;
  4. Żukrowska (ed.), Fair Trade in the increasingly globalized economy, SGH, Warsaw 2010;
  5. Żukrowska (ed.) Economic transformation in Poland, SGH, Warsaw 2010;
  6. Żukrowska, The General Budget of the European Union, WAiP, Warsaw 2010.