Mariusz Ruszel

Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics of the Faculty of Management of the I. Łukasiewicz Rzeszow University of Technology  (since 2012). Graduate of the Faculty of International and Political Studies of the University of Lodz. Expert in the Presidential Expert Programme “Laboratory of Ideas” implemented by the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland (2012-2013). Specialist for local development at the Subcarpathian Energy Agency (2009-2011), assistant in the office of the Member of the European Parliament, Jan Kułakowski, in Łódź (2006-2009). The Kosciuszko Institute’s expert in energy and climate as well as an expert at the Casimir Pulaski Foundation. Reviewer of numerous international and national scientific journals. Author of a monograph entitled “Poland’s energy security. Theory and practice” (2014) as well as tens of scientific papers, expert opinions and reports. He specialises in the issues of energy policy and EU’s energy security, with particular attention paid to Poland.

Selected texts: