Rafał Garpiel

Sociologist, Managing Director of Codework, senior trainer (5 European Qualification Framework), advisor, lecturer and researcher of the Jagiellonian University. He specialises in training interpersonal communication in a broad sense, above all persuasive communication and argumentation techniques, with a particular focus on the art of presentation/public speaking and negotiation. He also runs interdisciplinary anti-corruption training. Moreover, he applies his knowledge and experience in providing advisory services in the field of human communication –  verbal (spoken and written) and non-verbal. He offers preparation for presentations, public speeches, meetings, debates, negotiations etc. He participates in negotiations on one of the sides or in-between –  as a mediator or moderator. Author of concepts and implementer of local and Poland-wide qualitative research as well as social consultations. Member of the Jagiellonian University’s research team implementing (2012-2015) the project entitled: “The media as the space of deliberation: an analysis of public discourse patterns based on the key issues of power industry: construction of nuclear power plants, shale gas extraction, and the use of wind power in Poland”.