The scope of research in this programme area involves energy and climate challenges facing Poland, the European Union, and the world. We analyse the ongoing initiatives being rolled out at a national, regional, and global level, such as the Climate and Energy Package, the concept of creating an Energy Union, and the energy security levels in individual member states. Our Institute produces recommendations and analyses to help forge a European energy policy in the spirit of solidarity and with our best national interest in mind, catering for the demand of our developing economy for cheap and reliable sources of energy.

The topics covered in the “Energy and Climate” programme area include security aspects (the possibility to ensure energy security by employing a wide range of solutions facilitating the diversification of energy supply), infrastructural problems (investments and modernization) and ecological challenges (carbon emissions reduction targets set by the EU with all the ensuing consequences). Our Institute also actively encourages an impartial debate on the strategic directions of the EU energy and climate policy, a matter which underpins the vital interests of our nation and its energy security in particular.