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The Kosciuszko Institute is one of the few NGOs to fully focus on building national security in its actions, which include being vocal on economic security and energy security topics, and for over eight years its main aim has been to secure the new digital reality. Our association, boasting twenty years of experience, partners on a regular basis with Polish and European public institutions, international organisations, national leaders from various economic sectors and leading foreign think tanks.

The Institute specialises in crafting strategic recommendations and envisioning the development of key public policies; its content-focused contributions support Polish, EU and NATO policy-makers. Reports and analyses prepared by the think tank’s experts are independent and apolitical, and their conclusions are also a substantial source of information for the private sector and civic society.

Kosciuszko Institute reports and disseminated among a wide range of stakeholders, including decision-makers who shape the regulatory landscape in Poland, the EU and NATO.

Become a Partner of the Kosciuszko Institute Report. As a Partner you’ll be able to:

  • impact the shape of public debate on issues that are important from a security and economic growth standpoint
  • strengthen government affairs activities
  • with far-reaching report promotion, expand the channels you use to reach your partners
  • build your image of a leader who notices the magnitude of threats and challenges linked to cybersecurity, digital transformation, economic development


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