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Our experts have for over 20 years been striving to identify possible threats and blaze a trail for much-needed actions that lead to increasing security in the national, European and transatlantic dimension. Keeping a keen eye on the dynamic of current events and analysing the crux of each matter, they contribute to pursuing Polish national interests, building our country’s standing in the international arena and deepening transatlantic relations and EU-wide cooperation. Our long-term and unwavering purpose is to increase the role and importance of non-governmental organisations in the public space. The strong conviction that active involvement from hubs of independent thought is what represents a foundation of mature democracies makes us all the more committed to pursue our activities and motivates us to keep strengthening our position in the top division of European expert think tanks. Sadly, in recent years, too many decision-makers have not put sufficient trust in experts’ warnings with regard to the need for sustainable growth, addressing contemporary threats linked to the digital development or climate change; the COVID-19 pandemic is a reason and point in time this needs to change so that the decision-making process takes into account the voice of experts and researchers’ community.

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