We craft strategies crucial for the socio-economic development of the Republic of Poland, actively engaging in the structures of the European Union and NATO.

Our Vision

It is based on creating a diverse community composed of organizations, businesses, and institutions striving for continuous improvement in cybersecurity.

Our efforts are based on intensive collaboration with international entities, allowing us to actively participate in in-depth discussions concerning the latest transformations and challenges. Our goal is to create innovative solutions that not only support but also strengthen Europe, making it more resilient against digital threats.

Why Kościuszko?

Tadeusz Andrzej Bonawentura Kościuszko (1746-1817) was an outstanding military leader, strategist, engineer, thinker, and patriot, recognized as a national hero in both Poland and the United States. After graduating from the Piarist College and the Knight School, he continued his studies in artistic and engineering schools in Paris. He fought in the American War of Independence and in defense of the May 3rd Constitution.


He was a man with a deep understanding of republican ideas and principles of social solidarity, always thinking about the good of the entire nation. His goal was to unite Poles in the fight for freedom, aiming to abolish personal serfdom and limit serfdom.


During his exile, he actively engaged in social and political life, founding the Polish Republican Society. Although his views were not always widely accepted, he remained true to his ideals and his service to his homeland until the end of his life. He always aimed to achieve the principles of freedom, equality, and the well-being of the country.


By choosing Tadeusz Kościuszko as the patron of our Institute, we wanted to emphasize that we will be guided by similar values in our actions. Like him, we want to constantly improve our knowledge and through daily work, develop new ideas and concepts, especially focusing on Poland. Our goal is to participate in public debates, propose, and convince others of the solutions we develop. We aim to chart paths for the development of our country and Europe.

Our team

Marietta Gieroń
Chairman of The Kościuszko Institute

Maciej Góra
CYBERSEC Project Manager

Hubert Gołębiewski
Partnership Manager

Wiktoria Konieczniak
Creative Manager

Kacper Bączkowski
Communication & PR Manager

Bożena Korczyńska
Event Manager

Paulina Górska
Senior Partnership Specialist

Daria Szafarczyk
Fundraising Specialist

Dagmara Jagodzińska
UX/UI Designer

Kamil Nowak
IT Specialist

Eliza Kotowska
Junior Project Coordinator | Junior Analyst

Aleksandra Drobot
Junior Graphic Designer

Szymon Komosiński
Junior Partnership Specialist

Liliana Kotval
Junior Resercher

Małgorzata Wołoch



The Institute for European Integration was established in response to Poland’s dynamic integration into EU structures. This strategic move aimed to formulate foreign policy in line with national interest, preparing Poland for accession to the European Union.


As a result of the enlargement processes in 2004-2007, the European Union admitted twelve new countries from Central and Eastern Europe. During this period, the Institute changed its name to the Kościuszko Institute, focusing on the effectiveness of Polish operations within EU structures and strengthening the transatlantic alliance. Research activities focused on energy and economic security, promoting democratic values and supporting the rule of law.


In September, the first event under the banner of the CYBERSEC European Cybersecurity Forum was inaugurated.


Growing geopolitical tensions and new hybrid threats stemming from conflicts prompted the international community to reconsider the traditional security paradigm. Facing advances in new technologies and the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” the Institute recognized the need to develop a European cybersecurity strategy, where Poland had the potential to play a significant role.


By analyzing current events and threats, the experts at the Kościuszko Institute strive to identify potential dangers early on. Over two decades of Institute activities not only signify a long period dedicated to pursuing Poland’s national interests and shaping its international position, but also reflect efforts to strengthen the role of NGOs in the public space. We believe that the engagement of independent thought centers is fundamental to mature democracies, motivating us to systematically develop and solidify our position among leading European NGOs.