Marietta Gieroń
Chairman of The Kościuszko Institute

While studying at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University, she simultaneously completed the Academy of Capital Companies. She also completed the Data Protection Inspector Course, as she is convinced that the implementation of RODO minimizes the risk of data leakage incidents, which in the time of accelerated technological progress is a sensitive resource more than ever.

e-mail: marietta.gieron_at_ik.org.pl

Ziemowit Wroński
Member of the Board


Ewelina Kasprzyk
Programme Director | Chief Editor of the European Cybersecurity Journal

She holds MA in American Studies and MSc in International Relations (speciality: Strategic Studies), earned at the Faculty of International and Political Studies, Jagiellonian University. Her research interests were developed through both of her theses regarding respectively the impact of social media in shaping the political environment and Internet governance in the age of cyber warfare. After hours, she enjoys learning new languages and drawing.

e-mail: ewelina.kasprzyk_at_ik.org.pl
phone: +48 669 614 810

Maciej Góra
CYBERSEC Project Manager

Maciej Góra is a Project Coordinator of the Kosciuszko Institute. He studied National Security at the Jagiellonian University, Cybersecurity at the AGH University of Science and Technology (both in Krakow) and International Relations at the Charles University, Prague. His research and professional interests include digital and cyber issues on a micro (reducing digital footprint, personal online safety) and macro scale (geopolitical dimension of cybersecurity, cybersecurity management, social processes related to digitalization, futurology).

e-mail: maciej.gora_at_ik.org.pl
phone: +48 694 000 298

Eliza Kotowska
Junior Project Coordinator | Junior Analyst

e-mail: eliza.kotowska_at_ik.org.pl
phone: +13 472 954 021

Liliana Kotval
Junior Project Coordinator | Junior Analyst

e-mail: liliana.kotval_at_ik.org.pl




Hubert Gołębiewski
Partnership Manager

During his second degree studies in the field of psychology in management, he graduated from the first degree of national security at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Professionally, he has extensive experience related to the development of business relations, including several years of experience as a marketplace sales channel development manager for leading representatives of Polish e-commerce. Currently, as Partnership Manager, he is responsible for the proper development of relations with the Institute’s Partners.

e-mail: hubert.golebiewski_at_ik.org.pl
phone: +48 796 342 792

Paulina Górska
Senior Partnership Specialist

A second-year Master’s student at the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw. Her dissertation is devoted to new technologies and their influence on international politics. She is currently in charge of dealing with business partners. A huge fan of oat milk lattes, Twin Peaks, Egon Schiele’s works, and French literature.

e-mail: paulina.gorska_at_ik.org.pl
phone: +48 698 817 140

Daria Szafarczyk
Fundraising Specialist

A graduate of the first and second degree studies in National and International Security at the University of Silesia in Katowice. PhD student at the University of Silesia in the sphere of political science and administration. Professionally related to the issues of soft political influence and diplomacy. She has experience in coordinating ministerial, european and international projects, as well as in cooperation with local government and public institutions.

e-mail: daria.szafarczyk_at_ik.org.pl
phone: +48 668 177 780



Wiktoria Konieczniak
Senior Graphic Designer | Creative Manager

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. A specialist in visual identification, branding and typesetting. Privately, a person who loves animals, crime and psychology books and good tea.

e-mail: wiktoria.konieczniak_at_ik.org.pl

Kacper Bączkowski
Communication & PR Manager

e-mail: kacper.baczkowski_at_ik.org.pl

Bożena Korczyńska
Event Manager

e-mail: bozena.korczynska_at_ik.org.pl

Dagmara Jagodzińska
UX/UI Designer 

A graduate of the Jagiellonian University and the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. Specialist in development, prototyping and testing of user interfaces and digital products. She gained her broad design and business experience while working with advertising agencies and large e-commerce brands. Passionate about the Canary Islands, yoga and podcasts.

e-mail: dagmara.jagodzinska_at_ik.org.pl

Aleksandra Drobot
Junior Graphic Designer

A graduate of the Cracow University of Technology and the Globlife Computer Graphics School in Cracow. She works mainly in the area of branding and social media. As a hobby she creates digital posters and illustrations.

e-mail: aleksandra.drobot_at_ik.org.pl

Anna Malina
Social Media Intern



Małgorzata Wołoch

e-mail: malgorzata.woloch_at_ik.org.pl

Magdalena Kawecka
Office Manager

e-mail: magdalena.kawecka_at_ik.org.pl
phone: +48 515 174 389