CYBERSEC Disinfo Lab has been launched by The Kosciuszko Institute in 2019 to implement Prozodia Project and to build analytical and research capacity regarding ongoing online disinformation.

CYBERSEC Disinfo Lab’s main objective is to perform deep analyses of issues related to disinformation and information operations in cyberspace. That deep analysis encompasses a set of various activities, such as theory of disinformation, mapping of dissemination methods and fake news amplifiers in cyberspace, as well as analyses of both historical and contemporary malicious information operations.

The main activity of the team is the Prozodia Project. Prozodia is a joint undertaking of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and the Kosciuszko Institute, granted by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development. The main goal is to create a methodology and ICT solutions for complementary tool to support and help experts working with disinformation. The project is scheduled for 2019-2021.

Activities within the consortium are carried out in two areas of competence: technical and IT represented by FSLAB AGH and analytical and sociopolitical on the side of the Kosciuszko Institute team. Professional cooperation and combination of competences from different areas allows for a unique approach to the subject of counteracting disinformation. Different perspectives create a holistic and coherent work scenario of a team of developers and analysts working to secure information space on the Polish Internet.


The Kosciuszko Institute (CYBERSEC Disinfo Lab) is a member of the Open Information Partnership (OIP), and of the Social Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis (SOMA). OIP is an entity that brings together number of European organizations with objective of supporting joint activities to counteract misinformation and propaganda, and to promote independent and reliable journalism. SOMA is an organization created by the European Commission aimed at supporting and developing the European community of entities combating disinformation.