CYBERSEC CEE 2019 Recommendations & Key Takeaways

Each year, the European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC becomes a platform of dialogue on the most pressing challenges of the digital world. During lively onstage discussions, thought-provoking presentations and inspiring interviews, the holistic community of professionals and experts share their insights on strategic aspects related to cybersecurity. This year, debates were once again deeply informative, constructive and delivered highly valuable content. The leitmotif was Securing the World’s Digital DNA. It is not just a slogan – it is a call to action!

The world’s digital DNA is not secure. That is not a new observation. It has been true since the beginning of the digital age. It is an imperative to fix that.

Ciaran Martin, CEO, National Cyber Security Centre of the UK

In times of the pandemic, when most of social and business activities moving to the Internet, cybersecurity becomes more essential than ever. For this reason, CYBERSEC Brussels 2020 has not been cancelled. Instead, it gathers top leaders virtually to address the key challenges of the rapidly spreading digitisation of everything.

On the day of CYBERSEC Brusseles Leaders’ Foresight 2020 conference we are honoured to present CYBERSEC CEE 2019 Recommendations & Key Takeaways, that aim is shaping policies, improving strategies and securing the World’s Digital DNA!

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