Addressing Security Risks at the Ukrainian Border through Best Practices on Good Governance report was published as part of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Series. The publication is the effect of a two-day expert conference (NATO Advanced Research Workshop) organized by the Kosciuszko Institute on February 25-26, 2016 in Kiev, Ukraine.


Presentation of the Organisers and Partner of the Advanced Research Workshop: Addressing Security Risks at the Ukrainian Border through Best Practices on Good Governance – Sources and Counter Measures – Rafał Kęsek, Maxim Boroda, Ziemowit Jóźwik

Part 1. Emerging Security Challenges at the Ukrainian Border: the Perspective of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Integrated Border Management Mechanisms in Ukraine – Vasyl Servatiuk

Possible Conceptual Approaches to the Renewal of Control over the State Border of Ukraine with the Russian Federation – Olga Derkach

Dynamics and Geographical Distinctions of Crime Connected with Migrants Moving to Europe on Different Routes – Stanislav Filippov


Part 2. Corruption as a Security Risk: a Case Study of Ukraine

Corruption State Trust and Informality in Ukraine – Abel Polese

Corruption in the Ukrainian Defence Sector: a Threat to National Security – Leah Wawro

Specificity of the Operation of Ukrainian Checkpoints in the Armed Conflict Zone in Eastern Ukraine in Light of Corruption Risks – Rafał Kęsek

Living on the Edge: Ukraine’s Ambiguous War on Corruption – Roxana Bratu


Part 3. Building Integrity and Fighting Corruption in Border Management Agencies: International Experiences and Recommendations

Building Integrity and Reducing Corruption in Defence and Security Sectors – Todor Tagarev and Philipp H. Fluri

Fighting Corruption in Customs: Some Theoretical Insights and Empirical Lessons – Thomas Cantens and Mariya Polner

Corruption on the Finnish-Russian border – Method and Result – Kauko Aromaa

Georgia’s Occupied Territories and Corruption at the Occupation Line – Nato Bachiashvili

The Prevention and Fight against Corruption. Experiences of the State Border Guard of the Republic of Latvia – Ilvars Dreimanis

Role of the Civil Society in Ensuring Accountable Border and Customs Services in Armenia and Supporting SMEs in International Trade – Mikayel Hovhannisyan


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The document is co-financed by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme.