CYBERSEC Brussels Leaders’ Foresight 2019 Key Takeaways

One for all, all for one – that was definitely the main theme of the 2nd edition of CYBERSEC Brussels Leaders’ Foresight taking place on 20 February 2019, gathering the cybersecurity policy makers and high-level private sector representatives. We’re proud to publish the Key Takeaways, summarising the most important recommendations by the top European leaders and experts from the EU and NATO, international organisations, and the global IT industry regarding enhancing trust and security in cyberspace.

“We need to invest heavily in alliances, partnerships, norms, regulations and institutions to get the outcomes we want” highlighted Izabela Albrycht, Chair of the Kosciuszko Institute. “We need to build resilience and deterrence together” said Albrycht.

Download the publication and find the most crucial cybersecurity recommendations and key takeaways developed during the 2nd CYBERSEC Brussels Leaders’ Foresight 2019: