Cybersecurity Market in the Three Seas Region – the report by the Kościuszko Institute

Poland may become a champion on regional cybersecurity market


Poland has a potential to become not only key producer of cybersecurity solutions in the Three Seas region, but also a competitive supplier for global markets – concludes the latest report by the Kosciuszko Institute devoted to the potential of the European cybersecurity market. However, for this to be effective, Poland should emulate the likes of the U.K., Israel and Estonia and create uniform and recognizable “brand” of the whole Polish cybersecurity industry, which will allow to carry out marketing activities abroad more easily than before

ICT sector is amongst the fastest growing segments of Polish economy. Tens of thousands of companies operating in this market with their innovative products and services have already been created over the Vistula River. Polish companies are capable of adapting to the digital economy and building their competitive position based on pioneer solutions much faster. IT solutions are reaching also national institutions. In fact, there is hardly a sphere of life where we would not have computers or mobile phones connected to the Internet. Therefore, we can speak of true revolution. Digital products and services market has still been growing, entailing cyber threats. This means great opportunity for all those working in the cybersecurity sector. The Three Seas region will be one of key markets in this respect in the years to come. Due to still low saturation with ICT technologies (including security technologies) combined with the ongoing dynamic digitalization, products and services suppliers, who will have managed to join the digitalization process in the region within the next few years, will have stable foundations for export on these markets guaranteed.

“Not only is systemic support for the development of the innovation ecosystem, ICT industry and cybersecurity a necessity, but it can also be profitable. Our region has potential to create competitive and highly innovative ICT products, as well as implement them on the internal market of over 114 million and internationalise them further,” says Izabela Albrycht, President of the Kosciuszko Institute – main organiser of the CYBERSEC Forum. Digital Three Seas Initiative proposed by the Kosciuszko Institute can provide an opportunity for real success in this field. “None of the Central and Eastern Europe states is currently able to compete individually with global giants. Therefore, it is extremely important in this dynamically changing digital environment to build national capabilities while at the same time co-operating internationally on developing innovativeness and building digital infrastructure. It’s not only a necessity, but also an opportunity to heave regional economies,” stresses Albrycht.

The greatest competitive edge of the whole Polish ICT sector, and particularly cybersecurity, consists first and foremost in people. Polish engineers, designers and experts enjoy well-deserved world-wide recognition. However, in order to reach export success, we need co-operation. “Integration of the sector by creating nation-wide cluster of Polish cybersecurity companies is the key to export success of the whole industry,” says Robert Siudak, one of the report’s authors and reminds that CYBERSEC HUB has been operating in Krakow for two years on the Institute’s initiative. “We try there to support the development of cybersecurity in Poland. We are meeting this objective by being active in two crucial dimensions. Firstly, we are undertaking activities to increase the supply of experts in the field of ICT security. Secondly, we are supporting start-ups and small companies in their development and internationalization of their product and service offer,” he stresses.

The report’s authors pay attention to the fact that the sector’s integration is a necessary prerequisite to be able to effectively compete with global champions and big companies on local and foreign markets. As a result, the industry-uniting hub or cluster could carry out successful pro-export activities on its behalf. The report’s authors stress that in order to achieve global success, we must build Polish cybersecurity brand together.

Download the newest report by the Kosciuszko Institute (in Polish) – Cybersecurity Market in the Three Seas Region.