The 4th edition of the CYBERSEC Brussels Leaders’ Foresight by the European Cybersecurity Forum took place online on 18 March 2021. Organized by The Kosciuszko Institute, CYBERSEC is one of the TOP 5 cybersecurity public policy conferences in Europe dedicated to strategic and security aspects of the technology revolution.   

The pandemic circumstances have challenged us, one more time, to hold the event in an online mode. Whereas adapting ourselves to this redefined normal, we express our hope that in the nearest future we will be able to host these discussions face to face again. And it is with the same feeling of hope that we look into the future of cyberspace, where security is achievable through shared responsibility.    

This year’s conference followed the leitmotif Together Against Adversarial Internet, which has been our call to action to double down on efforts to build secure cyberspace by recognizing the need for trust-based, multilateral and cross-sectional cooperation. Therefore, CYBERSEC undertook the mission, once again, to bridge security decision-makers and experts, whose foresight and initiatives have had real-impact contributions in the digital world.     

More than 40 speakers were divided into 5 thematic streams: State, Defence, Business, Future, and EU Digital Policy Foresight. At the centre of discussions was the future of Europe and its cooperation with transatlantic partners, such as  potential for the technological alliance, data transfers between the EU and the US, and the green and digital investments within the Three Seas Initiative as well as key developments in the European cybersecurity regulatory landscape and European digital strategic autonomy concept.   

The #CSBXL21 partners were Microsoft, PKN Orlen, Google, McAfee, PwC, Three Seas Investment Fund, and PZU, to whom we are immensely grateful.   

The summary of the conference is already available here 

We are very proud of the speeches, conversations, and discussions of #CSBXL21. Their key takeaways and recommendations will be compiled in a separate publication that will be released in April 2021. We will also release a playlist with the full conference on YouTube, so stay updated by following us on social media:   



The Kosciuszko Institute:  


Thank you for being a part of CYBERSEC! We cannot wait to see you again at our next conference! CYBERSEC 2021 has sent a clear message: cybersecurity is a responsibility to all, and so #TOGETHER is the way.