Biological DNA defines the very core aspects of living organisms and in that sense gives the world its unique characteristics. As we are currently creating the new digital world, we can refer to these basics in trying to shape its core, to make it secure, resilient, and prosperous now and in the future.

Digitalisation is an indispensable process penetrating every aspect of our reality, from daily life to economy, states, and societies. Therefore, embedding security into that process as well as into more particular solutions is a key, both in terms of our societal functioning and prosperity. If we are thinking about implementing new digital technologies, deploying digital infrastructure, or creating cyber products and services as well as crafting decisions, regulations, and standards – the DNA refers to how we should design them by having cybersecurity in mind in the whole life cycle. Cybersecurity should be embedded in our personal and societal digital DNA “by design and by default”.

The Three Seas Region – home to one of the fastest developing digital ecosystems in Europe – is demonstrating strong potential for growth in the age of data-driven economy. It is also a great place to accelerate the process of strengthening cybersecurity in the world’s digital DNA. Many cybersecurity problems and challenges can and shall be addressed from the region’s own perspective and by its own agency, while its actions stay spirited and complementary to the wider European integration within the EU and the transatlantic community.

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