The Special Edition of the European Cybersecurity Journal

This is the fifth year in a row when we are pleased to organize one of the largest cybersecurity events in the world: the European Cybersecurity Forum – CYBERSEC. On behalf of the Editorial Board, we’re excited to present you the new jubilee issue of the European Cybersecurity Journal. Even more exciting interviews, studies and articles, including those created by the speakers of this year’s Cybersecurity Forum, whose motto is “Securing the Digital DNA of the World”. Celebrate the jubilee with us and immerse yourself in reading our magazine.

Vol. 5 (2019) Issue 2 Contents:
  • Cybersecurity of the Digital Single Market Interview with Andrus Ansip
  • European Defence Agency’s role in enhancing European cyber defences. Interview with Wolfgang Röhrig
  • If sovereignty is the objective, strategic autonomy is a means. Interview with Paul Timmers
  • The weaponisation of social media. The use and abuse of human dispositions – Joris Van Bladel & Arthur de Liedekerke
  • Susceptibility awareness: domestic vectors for disrupting the kill chain of cyber-enabled influence operations – Jakob Bund
  • Two reasons not to miss the quantum race – Andrea G. Rodríguez
  • Rebooting the EU’s cyberdiplomacy – Patryk Pawlak
  • A model proposal for financial services security risk coordination in Europe – Adam Palmer & John Morgan Salomon
  • Welcoming the digital as a new agora – Rob van Kranenburg
  • Discussing smart cities: stakes, challenges and initiatives – Alice Deceuninck
  • Zero Trust: security beyond the perimeter – Lothar Renner