V4 Cooperation in Ensuring Cyber Security – Analysis and Recommendations

Information and communications technology solutions influence every sphere of public and private life and are responsible for the proper functioning of modern states. On one hand, technological advancement has allowed an unprecedented development of civilisation. On the other hand, however, it has led to emergence of new threats, which must become the
subject of actions and decisions of entities responsible for the security sphere.

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Cyber security knows no boundries – state-level only solutions are not sufficient. In order to meet the cyberthreats, international cooperation is necessary, and the regional alliances, like the Visegrad Group, constitute a key component, while also being a complementation of multilateral cooperation.

The main goal of this publication is to analyse the state of cyber security in Visegrad Group countries and to present recommendations contributing to its strengthening. The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland are members of the European Union and NATO.
Both of these entities have included the activities aimed at protection of cyber space in their agendas. The publication, besides the analysis of activities conducted in this sphere by NATO and the EU, also contains a presentation of possible areas of solidary activities of the Visegrad Group, aimed at further strengthening of cyber security at the international level, as well as within those organisations.

Furthermore, one of the essential purposes of the publication is to familiarise the readers with basic information on cyber space protection and to make them realise how important this area is, from the point of view of each citizen’s security. Public awareness of threats is a critical part of prevention in the face of cyberthreats’ globalisation.

The publication, by the virtue of its parameters, discusses the most important issues related to cyber security. Each of the chapters is a starting point for further, complex analyses, nevertheless, it constitutes a good portion of knowledge for all interested by this topic and the problems of the modern world security.