The European Cybersecurity Market Special Edition – Regional Cybersecurity Ecosystems

Cybersecurity is a global challenge which we have to tackle both globally and locally. Building regional ecosystems enables strong and efficient cooperation between university centres for research and innovation, large international companies, local SMEs and startups.

The synergy that develops between those stakeholders allows for the accumulation and unfettered flow of knowledge, good practices and key competences. Education and training of world-class specialists and innovators through university courses and participation in private-sector initiatives fosters the development of medium- and long-term research projects. It also encourages investment in promising technologies at the early stages of their development.

In turn, an innovative sector of products and services can grow on this foundation of basic and applied tasks.
It is my great pleasure to present you with this special edition of European Cybersecurity Market that is focused
on regional cybersecurity ecosystems. Inside, you will find contributions from local centres across a wide geographical range: from the French Pôle d’excellence cyber through the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity and the Dutch Hague Security Delta to the Polish CYBERSEC HUB. All the presented ecosystems are unique in some way, but they all share the same need for tighter international cooperation. One of the answers to this challenge is the Global EPIC platform, which is profiled in one of the articles included in this issue.
I hope you will find interesting articles to read in this edition. I wish they encourage some of you to contribute to your own regional ecosystem by supporting R&D and cybersecurity education at the local level.


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