The Kosciuszko Institute celebrates International Women’s Day

The Kosciuszko Institute is joining the world in celebrating International Women’s Day. This is a time to reflect on women’s achievements and as well to encourage women to reveal their power and potential — in many fields, manners and places 

This Day is particularly important to us in the year in which we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Institute. Throughout these years, we have embraced the mission of supporting women’s engagement particularly in STEM and, more specifically, in the cybersecurity realm. We see these fields as capable of reaching its maximum potential once an opportunity is given to talented women to express their ideas and make contributions. Our Institute has tried significantly to support an inclusive development of the new digital world. 

As a renowned non-governmental think tank and research institute, we have driven the attention of both public and private sectors to the limited opportunities for women’s activity in STEM, for instance, which makes today’s social challenges at a scale less likely to be solved. Furthermore, the Kosciusko Institute has conducted the GIRLS go CYBER’ project to provide the necessary tools and skills for girls and women to develop their capabilities professionally and therefore, take part in the ICT and cybersecurity sectors 

All of our activities, from publications to conferences — such as CYBERSEC , count on a range number of talented and skillful womenwho have played key roles in various fields and institutions changing our cybersecurity ecosystem. We therefore recognize and honour the work of our female team members (board, managers, coordinators, analysts, experts, graphic designers, and interns), as well as our partners and friends, as they are the fundament of the CYBERSEC Community. 

A more inclusive security field is beneficial to everyone. History shows that empowering women pays off – their capabilities are needed in discoveries as well as in addressing the challenges and threats that may arise from them. Amid the contemporary misuse of technologies, shared responsibility and cooperation are needed to regulate research, development, and deployment towards innovation and security. Women can and should have a saying on those matters.  

As Izabela Albrycht, the Chair of The Kosciuszko Institute and the co-founder of Women4Cyber, states:

“As a Polish woman, there was always the role model reminding me that nothing is impossible – Marie Skłodowska-Curie, the first and only woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize twice. Her research on radioactivity was a great benefit to humanity but also led to development of the atomic bomb after her death. So the great inventions of her are also a reminder about our responsibilities related to modern technologies. There are bright and dark sides of Al, IoT or Quantum Technologies… We need to work TOGETHER to build secure digital world”. 

That is why we believe that #TOGETHER is the way against Adversarial Internet. We strongly encourage you to participate in the online edition of the CYBERSEC Brussels Leaders’ Foresight 2021where worldwide leaders and experts share the stage and join our call for action.