The Kosciuszko Institute supports Poland’s candidacy to host the EU Competence Center in Cybersecurity, Technology and Research

On November 6, 2020, Poland has delivered the formal offer to be the hosting country for the European Cybersecurity Industrial, Technology and Research Competence Centre. Thus, this is our priority to support that candidacy.   

Why is Warsaw the best choice?   

  • The Polish community of entities providing technological-industrial services, R&D, digital services and digital competences is getting stronger every year. There are several organizations focused on bringing together relevant stakeholders,  
  • It has both the human capital and conditions to host such an institution: well-organized and well-functioning cyber community and a booming ICT sector with over 250 000 people employed, with close relations and beneficial bilateral ICT business and scientific cooperation,  
  • It specializes in the most promising branches of cybersecurity, including the security of industrial control systems, the security of software code, development of advanced web applications, identity verification solutions, and cryptography,  
  • The initiator of a State-funded R&D program called CyberSecIdent (Cybersecurity and Identity). Since 2017, Poland has invested more than EUR 60 million in R&D projects in the area of cybersecurity, including the country’s first laboratory for researching and evaluating ICT products managed by experienced researchers,  
  • Is an active stakeholder in the EU cybersecurity landscape and one of the leaders in implementing EU cybersecurity regulations, 5G security and standardization of ICT solutions,  
  • It has created an environment where the private sector, local and central administration, and other shareholders developed a well-functioning system of distributing and implementing EU funds    

The Kosciuszko Institute, a proud leader and initiator of two initiatives, #CyberMadeinPoland, the largest ICT security cluster in Poland and the CEE region, incorporating 44 innovative cybersecurity companies (start-ups and SMEs) along with CYBERSEC, a well-established worldwide public policy Conference, fully supports that candidacy.   

The recommendation letter can be found here: recommendation letter