The Kosciuszko Institute became the Institutional Partner of Conference „Together Against Disinformation. 10 years of Fact-Checking in Poland”

In today’s world the landscape of cybersecurity clearly indicates that the problem of disinformation is deepening. Initiatives reaching the widest possible audience are needed to stop it. Therefore, the Kosciuszko Institute is pleased to announce its collaboration as an Institutional Partner with the Demagog Association − the first fact-checking organization in Poland. The 10th anniversary of its activity and the 2nd anniversary of the Coalition Together Against Disinformation is an occasion to organize the conference “Together Against Disinformation. 10 Years of Fact-Checking in Poland” on 12th of April, 2024. During this event the second edition of the report “Disinformation Through the Eyes of Poles 2024” will be presented.  


The origins of Demagog date back to April 2014, when a grassroots-organized group of students began verifying the statements and promises of politicians. Before, there was any other organization in Poland dedicated to fact-checking, thus the formation of Demagog marked the inception of professional fact-checking in the nation.  Today, the association’s website displays close to 6,000 statements verified and nearly 2,500 false pieces of information debunked.  

“For 10 years, we have been guided solely by facts. False information has existed for a long time and will continue to appear, but without the efforts of fact-checking organizations like ours, they could cause much more damage. That is why we continue our mission, relying solely on reliable information” − says Małgorzata Kilian-Grzegorczyk, President of the Demagog Association. 


Conference “Together Against Disinformation. 10 Years of Fact-Checking in Poland” 

On 12th of April Demagog is organizing the largest conference in Poland on combating disinformation. On that day, representatives from the fields of journalism, science, business, and politics will come together to collectively consider key topics related to disinformation. The discussions will focus on assessing the impact of disinformation on society and the scale of this phenomenon both in Poland and worldwide. The conference will also delve into the challenges confronting the fact-checking community and underscore the significance of artificial intelligence in combating disinformation. Additionally, the conversation will also encompass the media education strategies as a tool to strengthen societal resilience to disinformation.  

The events of recent years have underscored the crucial need for fact-checking, especially during health, war, and social crises. Jewhen Fedczenko, the editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian portal, who will inaugurate the conference with his speech, is acutely aware of this fact. 


Disinformation Through the Eyes of Poles

During the conference “10 Years of Fact-Checking in Poland,” will be presented the second edition of the report on the state of disinformation in Poland, based on social opinion research. The report was prepared within the coalition of the Demagog Association, Digital Poland Foundation, and Association of Public Relations Firms “Together Against Disinformation,” which is also celebrating its second anniversary. The first edition of the report “Disinformation Through the Eyes of Poles” showed that over 80% of people encountered false information. According to 84% of respondents, the excessive amount of such content on the Internet divides society and affects democratic elections. What has changed since then? How have false pieces of information influenced Poles? Are they aware of new threats? Answers to these questions will be showcased on 12th of April in Warsaw. 


The conference “10 Years of Fact-Checking in Poland” is supported by institutional and business partners as well as media patrons. Among them, alongside the Kosciuszko Institute, are,, Śląska Opinia, Digital Poland Foundation, Citizens’ Watchdog Network Poland, CYBERSEC EXPO&FORUM, Google News Initiative, and Meta.